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Posted on: May 2, 2008

In 7 weeks since we launched Silkfair, we now reached over 200 stores, over 500 members, over 1,100 unique items, and more to come…

Thanks everyone for your continuous support. Silkfair could not have done this alone.

Your continuous support and kind words to help us spread to families and friends are truly appreciated. Everyone’s participation goes a long way. Cheers!!!


Discover Silkfair today! A new Web 2.0 marketplace at Test-drive and experience a true Web 2.0 technology today!

Having just launched in March, Silkfair is already getting lots of attention. Visit to see what the buzz is all about. offers an end-to-end solution for e-commerce. Start with an easy to set up online store, entirely customizable. To set up a store is FREE and right now there are no listing fees. The store comes complete with all the tools you’d ever need including showcasing your products with videos, blog and forum to reach out to your customers.

What’s in it for the buyers at this site? One-stop shopping for the eclectic and everyday products. Whether it is a gorgeous piece of jewelry or a unique hand-crafted vase to consumer electronics, you’ll be intrigued with every click of the mouse.

Silkfair makes buying and selling experience fun and easy.

Silkfair makes buying & selling fun and easy!

Welcome to Silkfair Trendsetter Blog! This blog is to keep updated information on Silkfair.

Come and join us at! Your experienced is important to us. Help us spread kind words about Silkfair. Silkfair makes buying and selling experience fun and easy.

This is the official blog of - we're a rapidly growing platform where crafters, vintage and retro fans, and eco-conscious buyers come together to trade... just like the Silk Road, but online!

We love our community because of how close-knit and respectful it is of each other - and this blog is our way of highlighting them and their successes as a way of sharing in the joy. Join us!

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Mom Spark

Mom Spark
Silkfair makes buying and selling items online easier and fun.

The amazing products our community makes and sells