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Incorporating hair accessories into your wardrobe happens to be one of the best ways to define one’s personal style. Sometimes a fabulous hair accessory can make or break the outfit. Adding something as small as a hair band to a simple outfit consisting of pants with a plain collar-shirt (maybe to a job interview) exudes a confident demeanor as well as expresses your individuality. You don’t have to be an accessory maniac but don’t hold yourself back from experimenting with your hair and finding out what works for you. Good accessories are handy in a wardrobe. A scarf or a hair band may keep your hair from flying all over the place before you reach your 9 a.m. lecture. A hair clip can push those bangs off your face. A brightly colored flower can bring out your eyes. A nice hat can either provide shade from the sun or keep you warm on a chilly night. A cute little barrette gives out a flirty vibe for a night out in town!

Sometimes the finishing touch to an outfit that needs just a little bit of tweaking usually requires a hair accessory to complete the look. Trying new things is always tricky, but the key thing to remember is that accessories can be mixed-and-matched. This enables you to wear the same outfit twice but look completely different by simply switching up the accessories! So next time before leaving the house, take a quick look at your appearance in the mirror. What seems to be missing? Be daring. Surprise yourself. Who knows, that Marimekko-inspired print on the scarf tied around your pony-tail may lead the women on the subway to strike up a conversation with you by complimenting your style. Accessories come in many weird shapes and sizes and tend to compliment short or long hair, be it wavy or spikey! Online shopping sites are fabulous sources were one can search for snazzy little hair trinkets, because long gone are the days of mall-shopping and Claire’s!

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Every girl dreams of owning the perfect wardrobe. Each item they purchase only brings them closer to achieving their goal. However, money doesn’t grow on trees and designer pieces cost an arm and a leg. So where does one look? I love bright things and a good bargain. My favorite place to look for exciting new additions to my walk-in closet is a vintage store. One of the best things about shopping for thrifted or vintage items is that there is a guarantee that the girl sitting next to you in calculus won’t be wearing the same thing as you.

There is also your own personal touch when it comes to layering your pretty goods. You can mix and match different pieces and create your own mini wardrobe-remix. Vintage stores can be a nightmare for some people. You walk inside and don’t know where to begin. There are rows and rows of clothing on racks and shoes on the floor and scarves drapes everywhere! You begin with a list. Keep in mind what exactly do you need and ask a salesperson for help in directing you towards your sizes. Thanks to our super-connected lives, it’s easier to find great products and deals online.

Stay determined and you’ll have the perfect wardrobe with just the right kind of sassy accessories to spice up your daily outfits! I’ve compiled a list of my favourite vintage must-haves with some links/resources to several fashion blogs written by beautiful and successful women who love shopping vintage. (Credits are at the end of the post)

1- The denim skirt.

From KARLA’S CLOSETYou can dress it up or down and wear it with long sweater or a cropped cardigan.

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There are people who love to shop for hours and there are those who would consider it a waste of time. Shopaholics love wide variety, non-shopaholics rather go and purchase instead of browsing around. Online shopping is the combination of both; convenience and wide variety, just a click away. So why aren’t many people that enthusiastic about online shopping? Simple answer is due to lack of trust factor, though the situation is slowly changing with more and more people willing to do shopping online.

If I have a feeling that the grocery store near my home is not selling quality stuff, I would rather purchase my groceries from another store even if it’s farther away from my home. That’s what you call trust based shopping, trusting someone to give you good value for your money. Merchants who are particular about developing trust-based relationship with their customers instead of just selling their products are far more successful. They enjoy the comforts of what you call‘customer loyalty’. It’s the same thing when it comes to online shopping, all about developing trust for successful customer based relationship.

When online shopping was first introduced, people were reluctant about giving their private confidential information such as credit card numbers for the fear of its exploitation or fraud. Lack of internet experience and uncertainty about quality of products did also play their parts. E-commerce sites such as EBay, Amazonactually are the pioneers who not only overcame these obstacles but also set a trend of online shopping. They made sure not to disclose the customer’s information, respected their privacy and showed efficiency and quality. Many new online shopping portals are focusing on gaining trust of their shoppers first and introducing innovative ideas to compel the shoppers to come again and again to them like the site This site is making online shopping an experience of its own by focusing on earning the trust of their customers and allowing buyers and sellers to get comfortable with each other.

How do you earn the trust of shoppers in online world? Plenty of things count but basic factors are:

Product images: In order to overcome the hesitations of buyers,you need to be able to make them feel immediately comfortable by showing them images of the product from different angles. Having pictures of the product that shows best features and basic summary makes things easy for customers to choose.

Extensive catalogs: Availability of different varieties and choices is important to allow people to browse through your stores until the find something that they like.Having the ability to look at multiple items gives them the feeling of window-shopping or walking through an actual physical store.

Display your products on sites that are user-friendly: Websites with terrific presentation and ease of use give the right impression to the prospective shows summary of preview that makes online shopping experience more convenient. It’s a site with stylish theme and very easy to use interface that gives maximum functionalities to its users. RSS feeds on stores, listings, blogs and forums, availability of bookmarking tool. Complete control over html and CSS and customized templates capability for sellers. For shoppers, they have the facility to shop by brand, technique and even by colors.

Competitive Prices: The basic trust factor depends on money. If the customers are willing to spend money then they want quality. Nobody would buy 20 dollars worth of jewelry for 100 dollars. Buyers should be able to trust that you are valuing the items properly and they are not being ripped off. Online marketing is already getting very competitive and hundreds of promotions are happening everyday on cyber world. Giving back value is what really counts.

List on a site that values security: No matter how attractive or how user friendly site is, if it is not secure then it’s of no use. knows this rule very well. It’s a certified Mcafee Hackersafe, provide secure SSL encryption best in protection, and gives multi-layered encryption protection of financial data. It’s a shopping portal where security is foremost for both the shoppers and sellers.

Interactive Approach: A friendly salesperson makes a huge difference in earning the loyalty of customers. If I went to a store not knowing what I really want to buy or if that will suit me, salesperson’s guidance would definitely be great for me. In online shopping, it’s very easy to be confused over ‘is that what I really want’ or ‘will that earring suit me?’. It is healthy for both customers and clients to come in contact with each other because then you would know what your customers want and they would be given assurance that the product they’re buying is worth their money and of good quality.

Social media aspects – conversation marketing: Building relationships with prospects is easier today because of social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The barrier between prospects and sellers has literally been broken down so now they can interact with each other on more human level. In order to build the trust of your users, you should share resources, write thought-provoking blog posts, assist them, join their social networks and be someone they can relate to. Social media plays an important role in bringing trust-based shopping into existence.

Reaching out to customers is a true interactive approach. Answering their questions satisfyingly makes them happy. In online shopping, social networking tools such as facebook, twitter, blogs are great way to interact. has its own blog where customers can read, share their queries and look out for the new upcoming sales and promotions. This site also maintains customer/seller feedback history for convenience as well.

So interactive approach, security, reasonable prices, easy-to-load pages, wide variety, attractive design and user friendly aspects are the classic features that make online shopping a trust based shopping experience.

Depending on where you are, spring might be just a few weeks or months away (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). I just thought I’d point out some chic items that you can get hands on that will last you the entire spring and summer time this year.

Spring is the season of bright colors and sky high spirits. Be sure to get your hands on the following spring items, available on SALE! Yes, less expenditure and the perfect collection for your spring, this year.

Gap is offering up to 50% off on all its items. The one you would want to add to your collection would be this tote bag. You can choose either from the bright floral prints design or the one color bag, according to your choice. The price is just $19.99 and at such an economical price, the stylish tote bag is bound to add more color to your spring this year.

Bright pink and orange are in this season for foot wear as well. The loeffler Randall Y-strap hot pink pump is available at a discounted price of $127.50! With double buckles at the ankle and satin pleats. If you want a peak toe design, you can go for the Diane von furstenber Draped sandal at the same price. Whatever design you choose, this hot pink footwear will really add that oomph in to your spring collection.

Another spring color the designers have emphasized on is green. This sunner by Cecila camisole is a top articulating floral pattern in a chic silk fabric with adjustable spaghetti sleeves. Just for $65.40, a considerable price cut from the original $218.00, this top is with its boldness would make you look bold and beautiful.

Big jewelery is the in thing this spring. Big ear-rings, pendants and rings are what you should be aiming at. This Semi Precious Green Peridot Peace sign Earrings ,are a perfect accessory for this spring. Pair that up with this artful Sea sprinkles resin and sterling silver ring for just $30 and you not only aligned your jewelery with what’s in this spring at an affordable rate.

Talking about going trendy and big this spring, do try to get your hands on these Kenneth Cole Eyewear sunglasses for just $15.00. While hot it was among celebs, now you can get your hands on these fabulous pair of sunglasses and flash your style.

Since spring is all about flowers and freshness; colors and scents. This spring the colors you’d want to hunt for will be bright orange and yellow, hot pink and red. Search for floral patterned accessories or butterfly prints. The sales are on and you need not spend fat sum of dollars when you can avail them on economical and affordable prices.

DM News just wrote a short post on the changing behaviors in online shopping with more and more people turning to the internet as their purchase destination or guide. 

With the economic conditions tightening, it does seem like a good choice to save on petrol, time and energy. These percentages are expected to go even higher by the end of this year, with more people preferring online buying. 

Here’s an excerpt:

“A new survey by Bazaarvoice and Jupiter Research on online shopping behavior continues to reinforce and build on the importance of the Web in making informed decisions.

Equally interesting, the study also shows a growing number now look to the Internet first as part of their decision-making process. Where 41% of consumers in 2004 already had decided on which item or title to purchase before going online to research, that number dropped to 31% in 2008.

Once online, majorities found a variety of tools useful for researching or making a purchase: store/retailer Web sites (89%); search engines (86%); user ratings (77%); or recommendations from buyers (66%).

In a tight economy, consumers more than ever are looking to make the most of their dollar. For marketers, that means opportunities to continue to help retailers to not only build trust in brands, but working to improve the tools and information necessary to reach through the clutter and help consumers in the decision-making process.”

Just came across this neat table on comparing Silkfair with other options for sellers. It’s an interesting comparison, check it out below.

  fees in USD
  per month per listing per sale forum?
1000 Markets 5.5% + 50¢ yes
Amazon $39.99 varies ?
artbreak 7.5% yes
ArtFire $7.00 yes
BigCartel $19.99 yes
DaWanda (English) 5% yes
Etsy 20¢ 3.5% yes
Made It Myself 10¢ – 20¢ 3% yes
Shop Handmade no
Silkfair 3% yes
Smashing Darling 18% no

gThere are a variety of craft kits and tools out in the market, from crocheting patterns to iris paper folding. Following are lined up the 5 must-haves for every craft lover out there:

1. Color Companion:

Blending the right colors is an art in itself. The right tone of the shade can really do wonders for the outlook of our craft. However, undergoing the task of mixing the right color is a risk in itself. This color companion kit is a helpful tool for all craft lovers out there. The kit features cards containing the color combination along with the properties of that particular shade, for example you can find out what tone is complimentary and what shade is triadic. This would help you out in sewing, knitting, card making. The price of this kit is just $6.99. To place an order, visit 

2. Simply spray fabric paint:

For all those who want to innovate the seemingly monotonous objects in the house, this is THE kit for you to have. Better than the traditional tye and dye paints, this kit features along with the rainbow colors the basic tones, soda fabric paint, and upholstery paint as well as stencil paint. The paint is thick and does not smudge further it requires no heating to make it permanent. Its ease of use and durability make it a viable tool for anyone interested in innovating fabrics. The product costs $18.99 and you can purchase it online from

3. Tropical etch craft stencil:

For craft work, let is be glass painting, leather work, fabric design or even card making, the design or the pattern matters the most. This is why a considerable amount of time is spent in designing the pattern, then coming up with a rough sketch, then tracing it and so on… we end up spending less time on the finishing. Remember how some famous painters used to stare at the blank canvas for days imagining the design before quickly bringing it to life? Through this etch craft stencil you can get intricate and detailed designs for your craft work. You can even amend the designs to personalize them according to your requirements. Each stencil costs $9.00 each and you can order online through

4. Gift Box:

This kit contains around 11 gift box patterns with a step by step tutorial to making the various kinds of gift boxes; for example lidder boxes, take out boxes, cube boxes and pillow boxes. Since they are more or less ready, the assembling time is minimal. In addition to that, the patterns come about in vibrant colors and unique designs. The kit also features gift tags and cards in a multitude of shapes. This is a viable tool for coming up with impressive gift wraps for your own hand made crafts. You can either buy them wholesale or make them yourself.

5. Rhinestones:

This is a must-have for every craft lover out there. The rhinestones would not only add a little sparkle and bling to your craft, but the shimmer and glow will give it an even fancier look. You can assemble the stone in a manner which coordinates with the occasion, for example red and white ones for Valentines Day crafts and green and red ones for Christmas. These Rhinestones are available in a variety of cuts, colors and sizes and you can patch up these rhinestones on to mirrors, hats, cards, almost any of your craft work. These gems are perfect to give that edge to your craft. For further details on other variety of rhinestones you can visit Orders can be placed via fax by downloading their order form.

6- A good Craft Knife:

Creating crafts is about having the right tools around you all the time. From adhesives to ribbons, everything needs to help make the process more fun and quick. Heres a trimming knife with a good grip that can be found at


Lastly – if you are just interested in buying craft, then check out these cool products. 

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