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It’s been a while since SilkFair first came online and the main seller and buyer features have been constantly updated with new, exciting functions that improve the user’s experience related to online marketplaces and online stores.

On May 12th we launched the Chatroom option (accessible for all logged in users under the Community tab), and we want to thank everybody that helped us in testing it, especially Shannon who has shown that videocams work, too. Similar to the MySpace chatrooms, the system allows you to create your own rooms and negotiate with customers for example. Friendly and pleasant, the chatrooms are free to use and don’t log any messages or conversations. More information about this feature can be read here.

A couple of days before, we released the Mini Store Widgets that allow store promotion anywhere you want online. The cool thing is that you don’t have to do anything else but grab the code and the widget plays all the products in your store. And if you want to have control (maybe you just want to send people to your store without showing them your 100 different products), then grab one of the ready-made Badges especially designed to complete the advertising features.

After a couple more weeks, we heard you’d like to have a personal place (thank you RocknWow for the idea) where sellers could speak about tips, suggestions, techniques etc. And that was the birth of the Secured Seller-Only Forums. To smooth things up for you, and avoid dealing with passwords/codes etc, our techies found a way to make the system know and allow the sellers in without any further actions from their part. User-friendly from head to toe!

When we got our first seller that had over 18,000 products to list (from TheSteamShoppe), it was clear that we had to work on a Bulk load/ bulk image upload facility in order to enhance the SilkFair service for sellers with a lot of products, too. Obviously, the above option is now up and running. To learn more about it, just go read this.

But let’s go on. The New Text Search Interface, Duplicate a Listing or Store Category Tree were one after another released for freely use. Every time you asked for something or we felt we could offer you an upgrade, we brainstormed with the programmers and found a way to create user friendly, usable improvements that turn online buying and selling into a fun and easy daily practice.

And let’s stop here for the moments with a preview for what’s next: The 100% Customizable Store. The name may give you a hint of what we’ve been up to, but for the time being, we keep this secret, as we’re still working on the bug-free version, but soon we’re going cut it loose.


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