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This is a guest article written by Sana Salam on the rationale behind using blogs as a promotion medium for your products. Sometimes its not enough to just list your products on an online store, promoting them is as important. You have to get the word out to others so that they can be directed to your stores. Without getting the word out, there will be no traffic. We’ll continue this series with tips on how to effectively use Twitter and other social networks for promoting your stores. 

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Amanda Maurer (@acmaurer) shared a feature at the Chicago Tribune to highlight 12 vintage advertisements for instant coffee. Its incredible to see them and somewhat hilarious to see how these ads started out.

Looking at these ads also reminded me of an early marketing case study that emerged after the advent of blogging. A small home-based entrepreneur had created his own blend of tea and wanted to promote it. Without any capacity for large-scale production, distribution or marketing, he just sent 50 samples of his tea bag to 50 bloggers, with no strings attached. ‘If you like it and feel that your readers might enjoy this too, I would appreciate it if you could tell them about the way they can order this too’.

Sure enough, those bloggers all loved the products and wrote about this small entrepreneur… and before he knew it he had a thriving niche business with a loyal following just from within his local city of followers.

How marketing and promotions have changed, indeed.

Sometimes I feel that companies like ours have to think about these changes the most – being a platform, its our resonsibility to highlight our users and their amazing creations much moreso than ourselves. That we have to share in our sellers joys and sorrows, and work together to help one another through thick and thin.

Its a strange type of business, but it has an incredible charm to it – we get to discover the interesting stories of the people on our site, and how those stories inspire their work…. e.g. how Catldy99 started out from the Portland Bead Society through becoming a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, or how FlowersByFarha’s work is inspired by her experiences along arab trade routes and her life in Spain.

I think its these stories that will be the core reasons for why people buy certain products from someone in the future.

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