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1. Clean the floors. It will be a good idea to start from the interior. Scrub the floor using a mop cleansed with detergent and anti-bacterial (perhaps even a little bit of vinegar), to bring out the sleek and shine look on your vinyl floors. You can apply a sealer to enhance the shine on your floor for this spring.

2. Clean those corners of the home that don’t get their due cleaning attention – walls, cabinets, racks, tables. Brush off the dust from them and then use a sponge drenched in liquid detergent in a bucket of water to complete the cleaning. Dry it up using a dry cloth.

3. Clean ceiling and light fixtures: Use an all-purpose cleaner with a sponge and a dry cloth for the final finishing. However, brush off any dust beforehand. A great tip to help you really clean it up will be that when you are brushing off the dust, start at the top and then gradually work your way down.

4. Clean up the doormats and carpets: To get rid of the greasy stains, use talcum powder or baking soda and leave it on for a minimum of 7 hours, after which you can vacuum it. For cleaning up stains, always use a white cloth.

5.   Once the cleaning is done, organize your cupboards, drawers, desks, shelves – take out everything which is unnecessary. Old clothes, shoes, appliances – everything which you know you won’t use in the future can go. Use labeled baskets and boxes to organize the rest of the stuff in an orderly manner.

6. Organize a garage sale: Of course once you are done with the exhaustive cleaning of the inside, there will be a pile of apparently useless stuff. What you can do is organize a garage sale and make money out of what you don’t need anymore. A good idea will be to have a multi-family yard sale, with like items grouped together. The setting could be in a U shape as this would give your customers ample room to walk and choose. A good idea would be to cut prices and offer great incentives, such as buy one get one free, or a drop in prices to boost up the sales.

7.   If you have certain things that you’re not sure of how to dispose off, like old jewelry or collectibles, you can sell them on online stores or auction sites.

You can get the help of your family members – divide the chores amongst each other. For a prim and proper household, start the stringent enforcement of a few “laws” you’d like your family to follow. For example, Dirty shoes to be taken off at the door step so that the floor is not made messy. Or putting the keys in the box placed at the corner of the room and nowhere else. A regular cleaning schedule would also help you a lot in maintaining the fresh look of your house this spring!


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