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Every girl dreams of owning the perfect wardrobe. Each item they purchase only brings them closer to achieving their goal. However, money doesn’t grow on trees and designer pieces cost an arm and a leg. So where does one look? I love bright things and a good bargain. My favorite place to look for exciting new additions to my walk-in closet is a vintage store. One of the best things about shopping for thrifted or vintage items is that there is a guarantee that the girl sitting next to you in calculus won’t be wearing the same thing as you.

There is also your own personal touch when it comes to layering your pretty goods. You can mix and match different pieces and create your own mini wardrobe-remix. Vintage stores can be a nightmare for some people. You walk inside and don’t know where to begin. There are rows and rows of clothing on racks and shoes on the floor and scarves drapes everywhere! You begin with a list. Keep in mind what exactly do you need and ask a salesperson for help in directing you towards your sizes. Thanks to our super-connected lives, it’s easier to find great products and deals online.

Stay determined and you’ll have the perfect wardrobe with just the right kind of sassy accessories to spice up your daily outfits! I’ve compiled a list of my favourite vintage must-haves with some links/resources to several fashion blogs written by beautiful and successful women who love shopping vintage. (Credits are at the end of the post)

1- The denim skirt.

From KARLA’S CLOSETYou can dress it up or down and wear it with long sweater or a cropped cardigan.

Read the rest of the article here to check out the complete list of the 52 beautiful vintage items.


Depending on where you are, spring might be just a few weeks or months away (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). I just thought I’d point out some chic items that you can get hands on that will last you the entire spring and summer time this year.

Spring is the season of bright colors and sky high spirits. Be sure to get your hands on the following spring items, available on SALE! Yes, less expenditure and the perfect collection for your spring, this year.

Gap is offering up to 50% off on all its items. The one you would want to add to your collection would be this tote bag. You can choose either from the bright floral prints design or the one color bag, according to your choice. The price is just $19.99 and at such an economical price, the stylish tote bag is bound to add more color to your spring this year.

Bright pink and orange are in this season for foot wear as well. The loeffler Randall Y-strap hot pink pump is available at a discounted price of $127.50! With double buckles at the ankle and satin pleats. If you want a peak toe design, you can go for the Diane von furstenber Draped sandal at the same price. Whatever design you choose, this hot pink footwear will really add that oomph in to your spring collection.

Another spring color the designers have emphasized on is green. This sunner by Cecila camisole is a top articulating floral pattern in a chic silk fabric with adjustable spaghetti sleeves. Just for $65.40, a considerable price cut from the original $218.00, this top is with its boldness would make you look bold and beautiful.

Big jewelery is the in thing this spring. Big ear-rings, pendants and rings are what you should be aiming at. This Semi Precious Green Peridot Peace sign Earrings ,are a perfect accessory for this spring. Pair that up with this artful Sea sprinkles resin and sterling silver ring for just $30 and you not only aligned your jewelery with what’s in this spring at an affordable rate.

Talking about going trendy and big this spring, do try to get your hands on these Kenneth Cole Eyewear sunglasses for just $15.00. While hot it was among celebs, now you can get your hands on these fabulous pair of sunglasses and flash your style.

Since spring is all about flowers and freshness; colors and scents. This spring the colors you’d want to hunt for will be bright orange and yellow, hot pink and red. Search for floral patterned accessories or butterfly prints. The sales are on and you need not spend fat sum of dollars when you can avail them on economical and affordable prices.

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