Step by step Fabric Painting tricks

Posted on: March 12, 2009

Fabric painting is fun and creative. If you like painting then you’ll enjoy making cool patterns or designs on your t-shirts or dresses. You can make your own t-shirts, decorate cushions and pillow cases. Make funky and cool jackets and bags.

Here is the guide to help you do fabric painting. Let’s first cover what you need before you start.

What You Need to Start your Fabric Painting Project:

  • Fabric Paints
  • Fabric Brushes
  • Sponge/stencils
  • Plastic sheet to prevent paint to prevent paint seeking into other side of surface
  • Masking Tape
  • Water and water container
  • Palette to mix colors

Step One: Clean and dry your fabric

Before you start working on your fabric, make sure its clean. Its always a good idea to wash your fabric, dry it and then iron it to remove wrinkles. Make sure to tape the fabric on smooth straight surface so it won’t ruin your designing pattern.

Step Two: Choose the appropriate Paints

Nowadays there are several options available in the market for fabric painting. There are fabric painting tubes, fabric painting pens, pain pots and brushes. You can check this out for more information on paints. This will give you clear idea. Make sure the paint you choose suits the fabric. Liquid paints work best on silks… whereas mat pearl paint from tubes stand out on black.

Step Three: Select the Painting Method

Just like there are number of paints available, there are several painting methods. Some so simple that even kids can do it and some require expertise. It’s just like regular painting, there is water coloring, charcoal, oil painting. Similarly you can give several kind of painting effects on your shirt or fabric.

Step Four: Choose the Designing Pattern

That’s the most fun part in fabric painting, choosing the design you like. You can do free hand (without any design laid out in front of you) if you’re good in arts and crafts. Or you can carefully trace the design through transfer pen.

Step Five: Apply the design

Once the design pattern is chosen, paints are ready to be applied, apply the design on the fabric then. Go slowly while painting your piece; apply one color at a time. Always start with lighter colors. Mae long strokes for a free hand look. If you are painting a flower, start the petals from inside out with the lightest shade of color that you want. Keep adding colors as you go.

Step Six: Once Finished Wait for it to Dry

Once your artwork is finished, allow it to dry. It’s a good idea to let it dry for a few hours so the colors will be thoroughly set. You also have to iron it from the backside for making the colors permanent. Before using the fabric for wearing, using or gifting, make sure it’s washed, clean and dry.

Bonus Tip: Fabric that is 100 percent cotton is the best for fabric painting. Make sure that it’s tightly woven and do iron the fabric well before starting or else it will be a havoc on your design.

26 Responses to "Step by step Fabric Painting tricks"

This is a fantastic tutorial!! Mind if we share this link on our site?
kari & kijsa

Won’t mind at all – please feel free. Thanks for your kind comments 🙂

Oh it is very nice . ur designs r really good and explaination is very very good if u provide the design patterns it is usefull to all /
I wish u a very goodluck

verry good fantastic trics

Can u pls tel which paint have u used here, and where is it available

tht ws gud explanatn …………….
i too do fabric painting……….hv done on t-shirts…..
bt wen d work dries up it gets somewhat hard n so i hv nt tried it on bed sheets………
so is there any techniq so tht d cloth doesnt bcom hard n thus can b done on bedsheets too………..n is there any liquid which can make d colours smooth on fabric surface………
thnk u

hv u used one strok paintin in d above paintings…………..thts too gud……….especially d white flowers on black………..

very nice tips for fabric painting

i luv fabric paintings…but want to know abt some of the paint used(it names).plz help me..thanks

how is fabric painting different from acrylic painting?
love the designs. saw your site while surfing the net to have an idea for me to teach my pupils.

nice techniques and good designs. tell me more about types of brushes.

Hey Iam sandy. I want tips for pearl painting on fabric. with nice designs. can any one suggest good ideas

i want to paint silk fabric of GRIP.what is suitable company of paints avalible 4 silk painting and 4 freehand painting which brush gives best result

how is fabric painting different from acrylic painting? i like ur designs i luv fabric paintings…but want to know abt some of the paint used(it names).plz help me..than

plz tell me soon i wl wait for ur rep thanx alot i want to b like u i need ur help plz bye

thanks for the detailed tutorial

i lyk ur designs…!!!

I need to know when v copy the pattern on fabrics do v have to use any liner before painting

its gud

what is the sponge and masking tape for?

wow…………super instructions that help me a lot to do fabric painting properly

i learned from here

nice , clearly described , easy to follow



Bad i dont like it

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