Photography tips for Showcasing Products

Posted on: February 28, 2009

Presentation counts! Especially if you’re using your website, blog or online store for promoting your business. It boost your business if you can upload great pictures of your products and for that, you need to take great pictures.

Photography is an art, it’s about creating beauty and enhancing the strong point and (unlike what people think) its really not that difficult to take pictures that instantly grabs the reader’s attention. Here are few simple tips to make your photos look superb.


Get to know your Camera:

It’s very common to see that people don’t even know how to handle cameras without wobbling them. Shaky hands mean blurry pictures. Handle your camera gently, be steady when you take picture, take time and focus. Use tripods for stability. Know your camera, especially shutter speed and aperture. Explore options in your camera and be familiar with it because more options can lead to generating innovative ideas for you. A lot of digital cameras these days offer special lighting and color adjustments. If you don’t have a good camera, save up some money to buy one – its an investment in your business. 

Be your own Picture Director:


Don’t rush when taking your pictures. Try different perspectives, add some props, re-arrange little things to make big differences. Take multiple photos, get closer, father away. One picture amongst many is bound to be a gem for you because photography is a game of odds. The more photos you take, the better are the chances to get a good one.

Great Light Makes Great Pictures:

Great object with improper lighting results in bad photos. Mediocre object with great lighting has a higher chance of getting a beautiful picture. Use long shadows to emphasize the subject of your photo. Early daylight or evening shadows add a lure in picture so make sure that lighting is proper when taking the picture.

Use Proper Background:

Plain background is heavily favored among the best photographers because cluttered background distracts the focus while the plain background accentuates the product. Stark background emphasizes the beauty of the object and makes the object the center of the focus. It’s not a must to use a plain background but if you want people to see how pretty your product is then don’t distract the attention by adding clutter. Appropriate background enhances the value of your picture.

Fill the Picture with the Subject:

If people are searching for the object of interest in your picture then this means its not a good picture. Subject of your picture (i.e. your product) should instantly grab the attention. Fill your picture with the subject, focus on it, and make it look sharp. Lock the focus on it.

Use Tools to Make Your Pictures Beautiful:

Make Photoshop your best friend. Its very easy to use Photoshop once you get the hang of it and there are several tutorials available on internet. Microsoft Image Editor is another useful tool. You can change the colors according to your liking; delete things you don’t like, use attractive graphics and make the photo look pretty by just tweaking things here and there. For simpler photo editing, you can also try some great online photo editing tools like

So next time you’re click your camera away, keep these tips in mind and get the results that you want.


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