Taking care of Vintage Items

Posted on: February 27, 2009

The trend of accumulating vintage items is increasing day by day, because of their rarity, style and not to forget durability. The most popular vintage item of course is clothing. You can find something just as trendy as that new designer dress, yet unique enough to awe everyone. However, since your vintage items have been passed on through the ages, you need to take a few steps to preserve them, be it vintage comforters or clothes:

Cleaning vintage items:

Whenever using any vintage item, clean it first. For linens, pillow cases and clothing, you should treat any dirty spots with a spot cleaner, such as a mixture of salt and white vinegar. To be extra careful with your item, wash it in hot water. Do check how old the cloth is. If it’s comparatively newer, then wash it in hot water at a gentle speed for the washer. On the other hand, if you are not too sure about your fabric, consult a dry cleaner. Keep in mind that vintage items are usually delicate. Check on a part of your fabric before washing it entirely. Also, do not wring it, but squeeze your fabric gently.

While dealing with vintage jewelery, make sure your cleaning detergent does not contain alcohol, acid or ammonia. Never use the cleaner directly on to the jewelery. First and foremost inspect it for any loose stones and gently dust off the dust with a tooth brush. Apply the cleaner on to a cloth and then rub it on the jewelery for cleaning it up completely.

Storing Vintage Items:

Keeping in view the long life your items have had and from the era they might belong to, you have to be very particular about their storage. For fabrics, make sure they are clean. To avoid wrinkling of your fabric, roll it instead of folding. Ideally, while storing fabrics the temperature should be in between 65-70 degrees with a humidity level of say, 82%. Do not store your fabric in completely enclosed places, or in wooden closets. Store them in acid-free boxes and put up a muslin cloth between the fabric and the wood to avoid any damages that might occur. Avoid the use of chemical mothballs, as it can react and damage the color of your cloth. Use lavender balls instead.

While dealing with vintage jewelery or any other metal product, be even more careful. Make sure not too much moisture is present and the pieces do not rub against each other. Avoid using metal or wooden containers as the chemicals emitting from them can damage your jewels. Use soft pouches with cloth draped around each jewel to prevent it from scratching. Also make sure that your jewelry is dry and clean before storing it.

Let your vintage accessories get some fresh air. If locked away for too long, it can lose its previous color and freshness.

If you use your items properly, you can increase their life by manifolds!


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