How to recycle materials to make crafts

Posted on: February 26, 2009

Over time we all end up accumulating myriad items which we classify as “junk”. An empty juice box, cereal boxes, greeting cards, old CDs and the list is basically never ending. Today I’m going to share some interesting tips with you for recycling these apparently useless items and coming up with something innovative that you can use.

Recycling magazines:

You can use wrapping paper coupled with an empty tin to make a container or a jar for containing your accessories. What you will need is:

  1. Old magazine
  2. Empty tin
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Decorating items

Cut out the top of the tin in a perfect circle. Now rip off the pages from the old magazine and roll them in to long strips. Make sure the length of the strip is same as the length of your tin box. Glue the ends of the strips to hold the rolled on pieces together. Now paste them on to the tin box, one by the other till the outside of the tin is covered with these strips. Now comes the part of decorating it. You can use pieces of old denim for the top and bottom of the tin to give a neat touch to your box. Use sequences to decorate it. Or you can make graffiti on it. The look and feel basically depends on your taste.

Now you can use this recycled tin to store your accessories in, say your hair bands or your sewing accessories.

Recycling cutlery:

There are a gazillion things you can do with the isolated pieces of dinner set. I’m going to share with you a jewelery holder in which you can assemble your most used earrings and necklaces. What you’ll need is:

  1. 2 saucers
  2. 2 wine goblets
  3. Glass paints
  4. Rhinestones

You can use saucers and goblets that have cracks in them or buy them off some garage sale. Assemble the saucer and on top of that place a goblet facing upwards and glue it. Now put the second saucer on top of that and place the goblet upside down and glue this one as well. For decoration, you can paint the goblets with some abstract art on them and put glitter inside the goblets coupled with some rhinestones. Now you can place your necklaces and earrings in to catch on, which is as good as a new one.


Recycling CDs:

CDs again can be recycled to make a variety of things. I’ll be sharing with you today how to recycle CD to make a wall hanging for your room. You will need the following things:

  1. Used CDs
  2. Different colored Wool balls
  3. Sequences, stones, small piece of glass
  4. Glue

Firstly, make sure that the CD is clean. After that, take the head of the wool ball and tie that thread on the CD, stretching from its middle to the edge. Now cover the rest of the CD with that wool. You can use contrasting colors on one CD or a single one for each. Once the CD is wrapped with the Wool, its time to decorate it. You can put sequences along the edges of the CD and make a pattern out of the stones for the rest of the empty part. Now for the hanging, again tie a threat from the middle of the CD to the nail where you want to hang it. You can make multiple such decorative CDs, matching the color of your room.

Recycling wax crayons:

Don’t throw away those small stubs of wax crayons. You can use them to make new crayons. But what I’ll be sharing is some thing a lot more interesting, that is, making candles out of those crayons:

What you’ll need:

  1. Wax crayons
  2. Long white candles
  3. Thread
  4. Tin can
  5. Kebab sticks for mixing
  6. Rubber or plastic toys

Firstly, separate all your crayons in to different families, for example make a group of all the red shades, then all the pink shades, all the grey shades green shades and so on. Now melt the candles that you have and once the wax is melted, throw in these wax crayons stubs. Use a particular family of color in one share of melted candle wax. During this time oil your rubber or plastic toys and place the wick in to them. Once the color has mixed in perfectly with the wax, pour it in to your plastic toy and leave it to cool. Make sure that the wax is not to hot as that will result in the melting of your toy. For further innovation you can use different colors of wax but for that make sure that the first wax you poured has settled before pouring in the other one. There, you have your own candle ready which btw is in the shape of your rubber or plastic toy. It is ideal for kid’s room as you can make candles of duck, fruits, mushroom moulds to place in their room.

You don’t really have to spend all that much money on new items or crafts when you yourself can recycle the products you have at home. All it requires is a little time and a little creativity and you can come up with some thing totally unique.


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Thanks Heather – have added you. Nice jewelry items you have there!

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