6 great items for craft lovers

Posted on: February 19, 2009

gThere are a variety of craft kits and tools out in the market, from crocheting patterns to iris paper folding. Following are lined up the 5 must-haves for every craft lover out there:

1. Color Companion:

Blending the right colors is an art in itself. The right tone of the shade can really do wonders for the outlook of our craft. However, undergoing the task of mixing the right color is a risk in itself. This color companion kit is a helpful tool for all craft lovers out there. The kit features cards containing the color combination along with the properties of that particular shade, for example you can find out what tone is complimentary and what shade is triadic. This would help you out in sewing, knitting, card making. The price of this kit is just $6.99. To place an order, visit 

2. Simply spray fabric paint:

For all those who want to innovate the seemingly monotonous objects in the house, this is THE kit for you to have. Better than the traditional tye and dye paints, this kit features along with the rainbow colors the basic tones, soda fabric paint, and upholstery paint as well as stencil paint. The paint is thick and does not smudge further it requires no heating to make it permanent. Its ease of use and durability make it a viable tool for anyone interested in innovating fabrics. The product costs $18.99 and you can purchase it online from

3. Tropical etch craft stencil:

For craft work, let is be glass painting, leather work, fabric design or even card making, the design or the pattern matters the most. This is why a considerable amount of time is spent in designing the pattern, then coming up with a rough sketch, then tracing it and so on… we end up spending less time on the finishing. Remember how some famous painters used to stare at the blank canvas for days imagining the design before quickly bringing it to life? Through this etch craft stencil you can get intricate and detailed designs for your craft work. You can even amend the designs to personalize them according to your requirements. Each stencil costs $9.00 each and you can order online through

4. Gift Box:

This kit contains around 11 gift box patterns with a step by step tutorial to making the various kinds of gift boxes; for example lidder boxes, take out boxes, cube boxes and pillow boxes. Since they are more or less ready, the assembling time is minimal. In addition to that, the patterns come about in vibrant colors and unique designs. The kit also features gift tags and cards in a multitude of shapes. This is a viable tool for coming up with impressive gift wraps for your own hand made crafts. You can either buy them wholesale or make them yourself.

5. Rhinestones:

This is a must-have for every craft lover out there. The rhinestones would not only add a little sparkle and bling to your craft, but the shimmer and glow will give it an even fancier look. You can assemble the stone in a manner which coordinates with the occasion, for example red and white ones for Valentines Day crafts and green and red ones for Christmas. These Rhinestones are available in a variety of cuts, colors and sizes and you can patch up these rhinestones on to mirrors, hats, cards, almost any of your craft work. These gems are perfect to give that edge to your craft. For further details on other variety of rhinestones you can visit Orders can be placed via fax by downloading their order form.

6- A good Craft Knife:

Creating crafts is about having the right tools around you all the time. From adhesives to ribbons, everything needs to help make the process more fun and quick. Heres a trimming knife with a good grip that can be found at


Lastly – if you are just interested in buying craft, then check out these cool products. 


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