Bringing out the artist in you – getting started with Jewelry Design

Posted on: February 16, 2009

Jewelry is one of the hottest and trendiest industries in the market.

(Lampwork Viola Flower choker with macrame strap ~ via


(Gwynstone necklace seahorse set of bone and jasper ~ via


(Chocolate Earrings ~ via


(Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Earrings ~ via

(Cosmic Sphere ring lampwork ~ via


Tips for getting started with Jewelry Design

Pieces like the above images come alive under the talented hands of jewelry designers. Outrageous, funky, funny, or unique, depending on its creator’s views and ideas – handmade jewelry finds its very own, precious way to our hearts by representing our own personalities as soon as they’re shipped towards our homes.

But how does it all start?

1- Identify the designs that tickle your fancy

From general to particular, you should think about what type of jewelry you love the most before beginning to design. Perhaps you’re into necklaces or rings, maybe you love earrings and bracelets or maybe broaches and pins are your call. Or if you tried your hand in men’s jewelry – cufflinks and tie pins may be your artist trigger.

As a jewelry designer you have the satisfaction of making your vision a reality. So choose wisely, listen to what your inner self tells you. You may as well discover that your artist skills appeal more to recycled jewelry made of paper, bright colored clay or neoprene rubber. When you find the materials and types of jewelry that fit you, you’ll start growing more confident and your pieces will capture your essence and will start to sparkle.

2- Develop your skills

Either way, jewelry design asks for a native skill and desire to create. There’s no jewelry class or specialized courses that can teach you more than the basics (working with metal, creating chains, ring sizing) and techniques you deal with while developing your talent and increase your experience.

The fundamentals are however critical for any aspiring jewelry designer. You should learn wax design and casting – These raw processes are the ones that turn ideas, drawings and visions into real jewelries. If you go for ring designs, stone setting will be an important part of your designing routine. Thus, the use of tools for your creative projects changes from one jewelry design need to another, but no matter how you take it, getting your hands dirty is part of the job, too.

3- Understand the required commitment

There are plenty of benefits when you start your own jewelry design business: the freedom and flexibility, the unlimited earning potential. And most importantly, your jewelry design “work” is rewarding by itself as you do what you love. However, you have to keep in mind that there will be a lot of commitment required from you in order to make this a viable business stream. Keep in mind that initially none of your jewelry pieces will be perfect from the start, you will need to promote your business, you may need to have an initial capital to invest in supplies and tools, and you will have to dedicate a number of focused hours of work.

4- Find your niche specialization and get creative

Instead of making all sorts of jewelry items, try to restrict your specialization to more focused and narrowed offerings. It can be bead jewelry, sterling silver, wire bracelets, painted ceramics, or whatever. The idea is to develop your skills in a specific type of jewelry design.

5- Develop your brand style

Once you have your niche style, it becomes easier to be known in the market for it. Your brand should revolve around your area of expertise within the jewelry design business. If you are great with semi-precious stones in silver, then your entire website text, product details, captions, and marketing should be based on that. Prospective buyers should be able to ‘google’ their way to you.

6- Promote your products

You will have to promote your products on different sites for maximum exposure and outreach. You can begin by listing it on platforms like

You can then get your friends and networks to see your products. You can host demo fashion shows on virtual worlds like secondlife. You can post images of the products on Flickr and other image sharing sites. You can build Facebook groups for your fans. There is no limit to the things that you can do to take your business to the next level.

7- Have fun

And lastly, here’s a little something extra from one of our community’s jewelry designers: Yoboseiyo

“My recommendation would be to have fun! Don’t worry about if others might find the colors you put together a little odd, because if you like them, that will show through in how you present them. also, buy a few extra beads if you’re trying a new technique. You never know when you might accidentally crack one. But definitely have fun!”

So have fun and don’t forget to come back and show us your first pride and beauty.


2 Responses to "Bringing out the artist in you – getting started with Jewelry Design"

Very interesting and helpful thanks!

Thanks Tania!

Always good to hear from our community. Your keepsake treasures are really pretty.

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